Friday, September 5, 2014

Intro to Reverse Engineering - 09/05/2014 Meeting

This week's meeting is in DCC 318 from 5PM-7PM on Friday September 5th.

Reverse engineering is the gateway to many things security oriented, this is every hackers' starter class. We will learn the basics of tools like debuggers and disassemblers and how to use those tools to defeat crackmes or any sort of closed source software. In essence, we are learning the basics of software cracking.

1) Virtual Box 4.3.12 :

2) Malware Analyst Virtual Machine:

(VM Only accessible on campus)

The second file is 12GB Virtual Machine. Give yourself plenty of time to download it. You will not be able to download it during the class. After downloading it, open Virtual Box, and go to File->Import Appliance. Now you're ready to crack software.

This Virtual Machine contains all of the software and challenges necessary for the class and will serve as a basis for several future classes too.

If you cannot download the file in time. We will be in DCC 318 at 4PM with USB drives that contain the Virtual Machine. We have only a few USB drives, so try to download it before the class. The class will begin at 5PM.

Hacking is not a spectator sport. Bring your laptop fully charged and ready to go!