Friday, October 24, 2014

2nd place in CyberSEED CTF

This past week a bunch of RPISEC members traveled down to UCONN to attend the CyberSEED 2014 Conference and compete in some of the competitions they had going on in parallel.

We registered one team for each of the two competitions that were going on at CyberSEED 2014. Both teams did an awesome job with the four person RPISEC team playing in the web/networking based CTF placing 2nd overall, and the four person team playing in the binary exploitation competition was the 2nd team to successfully complete all the challenges. Both teams won some cash in their respective competitions and walked away with Samsung Galaxy Tab 4's.

It was a blast to compete and touch base with a number of friends from different schools from all across the country. We're looking forward to competing again next year!