Friday, October 24, 2014

OpenBSD Talk - 10/24/2014 Meeting

This evening at 5PM in DCC 318, PhD student Brian Callahan will be talking to us about OpenBSD.

The skills learned at RPISEC, oriented towards active hacking, also have practical applications in defensive programming and security. This talk introduces OpenBSD, the proactively secure Unix-like operating system. We will explore OpenBSD's nearly two decades of rich history pioneering security mitigation techniques, providing proactive security programs for the entire computing ecosystem, and embracing its “hostile” environment aimed at finding and fixing bugs of all sizes as quickly and efficiently as possible: attributes that have culminated in OpenBSD being universally recognized as the security-conscious OS and pushing forward security in all operating systems. It will become clear that we all rely on—and directly use—OpenBSD code in all our devices everyday for security and safe programming. If you are looking for an environment to really make sure your code is written and run with security in mind, this is the talk for you!

There is a virtual machine set up with OpenBSD so you can follow along. The file is 2.7GB and is available for download here:

Import this file into Virtual Box or VMWare. If you get an error while running it, disable USB 2.0 support. To do so, go to settings->ports->uncheck USB 2.0. The login:password to the virtual machine is rpisec:rpisec.

See you tonight!