Wednesday, January 28, 2015

XSS Game - 01/30/2015 Meeting

Welcome back! We hope you've all had a great break and are ready to keep on pwning in 2015. We've got some cool stuff planned for this semester, so get excited!

This week's meeting will focus on Cross Site Scripting (XSS), a common, relatively simple, and extremely powerful vulnerability that comes up all the time in Web applications. All you need to bring is a laptop with a browser installed. We recommend you use a browser that has "dev tools"/"inspect element" functionality (such as chrome) built in, as they will make your life easier, but don't worry if you're not familiar with them.

We will be using Google's XSS game that was released this summer -

Also, we want to encourage those of you who couldn't make it to many meetings last semester to come out! This first meeting will be a fun, easy transition back into what we're all about, so its a great time to get involved if you aren't already.

WHEN: Friday 5pm, January 30th

Thanks, and we hope to see you all on Friday!