Friday, March 13, 2015

BlueDrop: Intro to Microcontrollers and Hardware Hacking - 03/13/2015 Meeting

At tonight's meeting, Daniel Fitzgerald and John Drogo will give a talk on the basics of microcontrollers, teach you how to use them in your projects, talk about some cool hardware hacks, and most importantly teach you how to crack them! The meeting will be based around Fitz's BlueDrop project, a remote deployed bluetooth message drop system, inspired from the movie "Blackhat".

The Embedded Hardware Club will be providing some MSP430s for you to practice on. However, it is recommended that you download mspdebug and the naken_assmbler before you come so you can follow along.   (Available in apt-get, yum and MacPorts.)

For installing on Windows go to this website and follow the instructions for compiling MSDebug:

Important note: we're in Sage 3101 this week! See you there.

WHEN: Friday 5pm, March 13th
WHERE: Sage 3101 (Genericon is in the DCC)