Saturday, October 31, 2015

Cyber Seed Results

RPISEC had a great showing at Cyber seed last weekend, with two of our teams placing at the competition.

One of the teams that placed was the CTF team. They took second place just behind Knightsec. They did a great job and won RPISEC $7,500 as well as Amazon echo's for themselves.

They were also the first time to hack into the ATM at the competition, so they won a basketball signed by some of the players from UConn and some of the top executives from Comcast.

As you can see, we were thrilled to win the ball.

Our next team to place was our Internet of Things team. The teams on the IoT challenge were given around a month to audit some device that connected to the internet. Our team decided to do an audit of the Piper Home Security camera. They were able to find a couple of bugs in API that would cause the system to use http instead of https.

We got 1st place! RPISEC won another $10,000 and each member of the team was given an Apple Watch.

That means that RPISEC came home with a total of $17,500!

We had a great time at UConn. We're very proud of our success and can't wait to see what the future holds for RPISEC. Here are some more pictures of the event.