Monday, September 26, 2016

CSAW CTF Qualifiers 2016

Last weekend, we were one of over 1200 teams to participate in Cyber Security Awareness Week Qualifiers, an international competition hosted by NYU Tandon. This year, CSAW hosted 31 challenges, in categories such as Reversing, Crypto, Forensics, Pwning, and Web.

We had a great time, and managed to solve every challenge on the board with 13 hours to spare. We placed second overall, first in the undergraduate division, and ended up being the only undergraduate team to solve the entire board. This was an international competition, and we were competing against industry-professional and undergraduate teams alike.

Finalists are to be announced on October 3rd. If you missed the competition but still want to checkout the challenges, CSAW's official challenge repository can be found here.  

Saturday, January 30, 2016


RPISEC is proud to introduce a new branch of our organization: INTROSEC.

RPISEC has become an incredibly successful club in recent years. We've created two independent open source classes, qualified two teams to CSAW, won tens of thousands of dollars at CTFs, and have grown our core membership so much that we barely fit in our room at Amos Eaton.

We're incredibly proud of our progress and growth. However, one of our biggest weaknesses has always been introducing new members into the world of computer security. Our weekly talks have either been to fast and complicated for our newer members, or too dull for our core members. Pandering to these two groups at the same time has consistently turned away many people who have otherwise would have been great additions to the club. This is what INTROSEC is meant to fix.

The group is going to be lead by two sophomore members of RPISEC, Jazmyn Borman and Milo Trujillo. They've already set up a ton stuff, including  talks, challenges, and a mini CTF that we will eventually be hosting. We're incredibly proud and impressed with how much work they've both put into this and we expect great things to come out of it.

First meeting will be in Sage 2715 this Tuesday, 5pm-7pm.